Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday Connor!

I can't believe correction....big guy today is 14 and is finishing his last day of middle school. Ugh...I have a high schooler now!!

It's so hard to realize that he is now a big dude...a guy. No more boy. I still wish for the boy. I can hardly find a moment to snap his picture when I can see his face, get a smile or that attitude. I see less of him...his room sees more of him. I can't just pick out clothes and say here...I can't kiss him in front of people...but I still think he's fantastic!!

Happy 14th Birthday Connor! We love you lots,

Mom & Dad

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  1. Happy Birthday, Connor!!!

    Julia, how did I not realize that our boys are the same age?!?! I totally know where you are coming from... ds is going out for high school football next year and that totally freaks me out... high school AND football... oh and he is 2" taller than me!?!? How did that happen?!? smiles...


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