Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Haley!

Happy Happy Birthday to my sweet, very pretty 12 year old!
Haley is so cute, kind, fun, funny, helpful and it's

So hard to believe she's 12....

Tonight we're headed out to dinner and to see the movie UP and a suprise birthday gift for her...that I know she's going to LOVE!

Happy Birthday to Kris too!


  1. Happy Birthday Miss Haley!! She's gorgeous, just like her sweet mommy! Have a wonderful evening...Up is FANTASTIC!

    Happy Happy!!


  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Yes, the years fly by too quickly. I remember when my daughter was 12. Now she is turning 17 this summer.

    Hey Julia, I know it's been a long time but we used to be on the same design team years ago didn't we? Cropper's Cottage I believe. I came across your blog because I am a huge Bo Bunny fan and saw your name and was trying to wrack my brain on how I knew it. I think you were on the Bo Bunny design team back then too. Well I just ran through your archives and realized the connection. Anyway, I wanted to say hi. We also have a mutual friend as well. I see that you have Black Flip Flops on your blog roll. I worked with Virginia for Scrap Etc.'s design team a couple years ago. She has such great style and is a very sweet person. Stop by if you have time.

    xoxo, Christine


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