Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tis the Season

Well not sure if it is...I'm really not a Christmas in July kind of girl!

However we're sneak peeking our new Tis the Season line today! And I really like this line...I love the addition of brown into the red, green and aqua. Never before would I think I'd say I like brown!LOL But it's beautiful with this line and to me will make it perfect for everyone in my family...not just cute Haley in her outfit on Christmas Day!LOL

I'm also excited to say I designed one of the stickers for the set...

Be sure to go to the Bo Bunny Blog to see the full release along with the beautiful Gypsy line and enter to win some! You'll love it!

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  1. I'm usually not a themed scrapper, but I really like this line! Definitely on my to-get list!


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