Friday, August 28, 2009

It's About Time!!

I know it's been too long! That's what happens when you go on a vacation (to DisneyWorld and beautiful St. Pete Beach, Florida) and then immediately return to three kids starting high school (gulp!), middle school and grade school. Not sure about having a child/teen/preteen at each level in school..aside from college..that would be a double gulp!LOL

But they're all back...we're getting settled back into work, laundry, homework, more school shopping and grocery shopping, tennis lessons, after school activities and more. The list never seems to end I tell you! Oh and then add to the madness a 40th birthday party for yours truly..ugh! I hate that number..but given it's an even number I'm more likely to accept it! Here's a pic of me with my bff...Tammy..she makes me look so short...which I am!lol The party was fun...yummy food from Qudoba, a friend loaned us their commercial size frozen drink machine for us to load up with strawberry margaritas...and well it was fun. I actually thought if it's that fun...40 is pretty good!

I've been really busy with Bo Bunny as well! Getting the new design team set up on the message board, with procedures and so much more. So far so good as I am very organized but we have 12 total that's alot of gals to get on track..but they'll do fine..I'm sure of it! We have an amazing team in place that I know are very excited to get started!

We have some new challenges up on the blog this week that I love..although that sounds silly given I created them!LOL The first one..our Aqua challenge..

I love the color..I have more clothes/tops in that color...and turquoise than any other color. It's a good one for me. You should pop in the blog and join in on that challenge!

And today I put up another new one...a Shaped Card Challenge which I LOVE!

The gals came up with some amazing ideas....this one is a favorite challenge...we'll start having regular challenges every Friday on the blog so you know when you should check in for those!'s been a bit since I talked movies or books..and I have lots and lots to review..but let's just start today with I think my first movie F...yes..that's F..for failure!!! Yes...I'm sorry to say but Mall Cop...was horrible...awful...I fell asleep awful!

And worse as I loved Kevin James in Hitch! LOVED! This movie though I swear they say it was a comedy?! Right..comedy! Nope..horrible, no laughs and sadly a waste of evening time!

Now ask me about Season Two of True Blood...and I'll go on and on with praise...although wow...nudity out to wazoo this season....too bad it's not Eric or Bill!LOL

I promise I'll get the blog update regularly again...I miss when I don''s like my own little life diary...

See you soon....

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  1. Happy belated birthday! 40 is so young! Glad you enjoyed your vacation! Your layout is fab as always!


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