Monday, October 26, 2009

Tis Near Halloween

and we're so excited at our house.

More and more things are being added daily to the decorations. The kids have put their window coverings up...the kind that covers the window and you light them from behind and it's oh so fun from the front. Connor has some creepy cats on his two windows, Haley a graveyard scene and the main hall window will have this creepy eye that peeks out. They're all on the 2nd floor of the house so easily seen from the street.

We also picked up more strobe lights for outside..these make noise too. A friend of mine brought some manequins from her work that they didn't we threw some black fabric on them, wrapped this red and white spider web on them. I have spray fake blood that on Halloween we'll spray around for fun.. and we'll point the strobe lights at them. We tried out the fog machine this weekend..that was cool. Although I wish I had a commercial one that would fog up the whole yard...that would be very cool. Each year we add something new..this year's addition of the fence is by far my favorite!

And speaking of Halloween...I need to announce the winner of the Bo Bunny monster pendant...which is:

scrappinmomto2girls said...
what an awesome idea with the fencing!! Love it!!!Very excited about the new lines they are awesome!!The pendants are beautiful!! Would love to win one!
10/19/2009 09:58:00 AM

Congrats to you! If I can contact you I will otherwise please email me at

and the second one using the Bo Bunny Delilah line with the flower is:

Wendy West said...
Those pendants are so cute!
10/19/2009 04:36:00 PM

Congrats Wendy! I'll see if I can't contact you as well. Otherwise please email me your info!

And have you peeked at the Bo Bunny blog? We shared some layouts using an amazing sketch Rita Shimniok designed. I used our Alissa line and a cute photo of our best friends.

We were recently fortunate to go with them to see Phantom of the Opera at the amazing Fox Theatre here in St.Louis. We had seats in the Fox Club where you park right next to the theatre, walk in a private entrance and sit in these neat seats where you are waited on. That was fun...but the perfomance and music...amazing! I had goosebumps as one of the songs was sung at Scott's and my that was really cool! It was a fun night out! Be sure to join in on the challenge if you haven't been to the blog yet!

Last on my brain today...we took the kids to see GI Joe the Rise of Cobra at the dollar show. And I have to say...thanks to the makers. Thanks for making a movie my entire family enjoyed, that I didn't openly cringe at the language, or sexual content!

I have to say...although it's not quite Transformers...we ALL enjoyed it..and we all liked it which doesn't always happen. It also helped that it didn't focus on Megan Fox like Transformers shots of her posing on her motorcycle and girls in dorm rooms with cameras going on their skirts. Now don't get me wrong..I am very open to things...however for this kind of movie..I think it's not needed. Now GI Joe did have some rather well endowed female actresses...but it was nothing inappropriate. So I give it a solid B+. We'll definitely go see more as it seems there's definitely another movie to come out!

That's it for today..counting down till Halloween...costumes, makeup, wigs, spray blood, strobe lights, fog machines and more!!



  1. thx for picking me!!! I emailed you!

  2. Congrats to the winners! Cute layout Julia!

  3. we wanna see pictures! be sure to take ones of the house on halloween, those windows sound so intruiging!

  4. Happy Halloween! Love your pumpkin! And your layout is awesome!


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