Sunday, October 04, 2009

World Card Making Day!!

It's World Card Making Day...well yesterday was but I didn't get to post my pictures due to a non-stop day and evening! I'm still working on cards today...4 done and more going.

Yesterday I decided to focus on a set theme. My hubby is a Realtor and is constantly needing a card to thank a client. So...I thought that would be the perfect project to work on to get a jump and have some on hand when he asks for one!


Bo Bunny Flutter Butter, Flutter Butter Stripe, Flutter Butter Cut Outs, Cofee Dot Double Dot Cardstock, Sunflower Dot Double Dot Cardstock, Colorbox Chalk Inks, Bo Bunny Brads, K & Company Brad, Stickles, Perfect Pearls


Bo Bunny Flutter Butter Breeze, Flutter Butter Stripe, Flutter Butter Willow, Island Mist Double Dot Cardstock, Paper Salon Stamp, Colorbox Inks, Chalk, Stickles, Perfect Pearls


Bo Bunny Flutter Butter Breeze, Flutter Butter Willow, Flutter Butter Stripe, Island Mist Double Dot, Paper Salon House Stamp, Amuse Art Stamp, Colorbox Chalk Inks, Stickles, Perfect Pearls


Bo Bunny Delilah Promise, Delilah Stripe, Chiffon Double Dot, Stamps from Michaels, Colorbox Chalk Inks, Stickles Glitter

Whew..four done for him...that's a good feeling although I need to make quite alot more as he's been busy! Actually we've been busy. It's not even an accurate description...overwhelmed I think is more appropriate. It's always been a bit busy for us with the three kids but they're not that involved in activities however this year I take that all back. It's nuts. Plus we, Scott and I seem to go non-stop a million directions at a pace we both find exhausting. My friends with older kids told me this is just the start..ahhh!

We also just found out both Connor and Haley need braces with Connor at the imperative end. He's got an issue with a baby tooth that never fell out and a permanent tooth now stuck up in his gums that we didn't know about. Lovely. This is where dental insurance would be helpful...President Obama..remember being self-employed and self-insured does not mean we're wealthy and can afford outrageous insurance premiums..thus why no dental. We need help! So poor Connor will get them on first just as soon as we narrow down an ortho who doesn't need me to sign over my house as a down payment. YIKES! I honestly hated wearing them...but I had a horrible ortho who I swear hated his job and definitely hated me and my small mouth. I think it brought him great pleasure to inflict pain. And worse as I'd go in the morning before school and spend the day with horrible mouth pain and a headache...lovely. I hope today's ortho's are nicer, kinder and gentler for my kiddos!!! The cost is definitely not!

Wow....Time Traveler's Audrey Niffenegger. I started this book by a recommendation from Misty...see her link on side. I began right before leaving for ScrapFest. In fact it was hard to stay with it on the plane..noise, interruption by man across from me countless times, anticipation of the event..but I tried and as always did my visualization of the movie characters into the book characters even though I have not seen the movie. It was so easy to picture Rachel McAdams as Clare and Eric Bana as Henry. But try as I could at first I was confused honestly. All the time changing, moving forward and backward I had to laugh as it reminded me of the line from Funny Farm and the character Chevy Chase giving his wife his new book to read and she commented there were so many flash forwards and backwards and she thinks even a flash sideways.LOLOL I love that line..I sort of started to feel that way until I got to sit down and really take the book in. Once I did I'll confess it was addicting. It didn't hurt they had excellent music taste, punk backgrounds..I love that (wink) and a true passionate love for one another. I don't want to give away any of the book but I loved it. Loved it...and yes...cried my eyes heaving cries..I hate that..but then again they are good for you now and then. Kind of clears your head. So thanks Misty...thanks Audrey're amazing. I know must see the movie and I have to smile as fortune smiled on me and I was fortunate to pick up her newest book... Her Fearful Symmetry....can't wait!


  1. Fabulous cards - perfect for giving to new home buyers! And I also loved the Time Travelers Wife!

  2. Yes, Niffenegger's pretentious crap writing makes me cry, too. Sort of like witnessing the death of literature. Hearing that that dim yutz got a $5 million advance for her next book adds a whiff of nausea to the mix....

  3. Your cards are wonderful Julia. You did well to get so many done. Ah, braces. What a wonderful thing. Luckily for our kids in this generation braces are a lot easier to deal with, not as much pain and it certainly doesn't take as long. My daughter's teeth are gorgeous and she had some of the same problems as Connor. They just pulled that tooth down in no time. 18 months for some major fixs and she was done. Yes, I do believe the price has gone way up. We paid $5000, luckily it was a monthly plan and we did have insurance to cover about a $1000 of it. But not cheap by any means. Make sure to get a second opinion. The first ortho that we went to wanted to do surgery(seperate cost) on her to open her palette. Seems as if the other ortho didn't think it was necessary. Ouch!

    Time Traveler's Wife is most favorite book right now. I read it a long time ago when it first came out and yes I cried my eyes out at the end. But it was so lovely at the same time. I haven't seen the movie. I love books much more than movies and movies always seem to disappoint me. Maybe I will see it later on. I am so excited about her second book. I hope that it will be as beautiful as the first.

    Well I hope you have a wonderful day. Sorry to ramble on and on. Off to create some crafty stuff.
    xoxo, Christine


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