Monday, December 21, 2009

Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea!

MOM....if you are reading this...close this! You have to wait till Christmas to see

Santa is one busy guy right now trying to finish everything in preparation for Christmas Eve.

Are you still working on gifts, going over your list making sure you have everything for everyone? Well if you're still in need of a gift or two there's still time for a handmade gift!

Today's idea fills a gift need for my Mom. Hopefully she's not reading this!lol She commented that she has a new desk area at work and could use some magnets for her wall. So I thought why not make her some for a unique and easy gift! And I included two glass paperweights for her desk too!

Designer: Julia Sandvoss

Supplies: Tis the Season Carol, Tis the Season Treasure, Tis the Season Yuletide, Tis the Season Combo Cardstock Stickers, Trim the Tree Cardstock Stickers, Glass, Tin container, Magnets, Stickles, Diamond Glaze

1) The glass is purchased from a glass tile store. These are large clear glass pieces..for the paperweights close to 2 inches round. For the smaller magnets about 1 1/2 inch uneven round glasss. After selecting the glass, decide what paper patterns you want to use under the glass. Holding the glass over the paper is the best way to determine look and fit. Cut the papers to fit the glass size.

2) Embellish the papers with a small amount of glitter...not too thick or it will cause bubbles when you seal the paper to the glass.

3) Apply Glaze to glass, press paper onto glass smoothing out the air bubbles. Some Glaze will come out the sides...rub this over the backside of the paper so when it dries it will have a nice smooth finish.

4) Clean the glass if you got any Glaze on it (I'm mess and always do!).

5) Use a strong glue to adhere magnets to glass. I also purchased these from the glass tile store.

6) For the tin I recycled a candy tin. Select one before you start that will fit all your pieces. Adhere papers to edges and top. Decorate with stickers and glitters.

7) Add magnets (they'll "stick" to the container which is neat!) and paperweights and you're all set for a unique, personal holiday gift idea!

If you need any more information on where to buy the glass or products...just give a shout!

....and were my Sole Survivor winner!

As I posted on can pay me to say that!

And I hope you're on the next Villians vs Heros show!!!

Go Russell!


  1. Love it! The tin is adorable and so are the magnets!

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  3. Julia that tin is just so very cute, and I love your pendants in your Esty Shop, just beautiful.

    I hope you and your family had the most wonderful Christmas. I know how much you have done this year, and you been brilliant.

    All the very best for the coming year.

    Oh and BTW I loved New Moon lol !! can't wait to see Eclipse.

    Carole xx


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