Monday, January 11, 2010

I took a break.....

Yes...I'll admit even those of us who blog for a living take the occasional blog break. I did just that and felt very guilty about it.

We had a good holiday, kids got lots of nice things, Scott suprised me with an Ipod Nano that I loved...but I wound up trading up for the Ipod Touch. I have to say the Touch is pretty nifty. I like that I can check emails and such while I'm out and about. Although I am mainly at home. Still a nice feature.

Here's some photos...

(I think Parker looks pretty happy!LOL)

We took the kids to see the Chipmunks Squeakquel last week...and may I just say...yuck! It was okay...but I was disappointed it wasn't...cuter. Lacked a good story...the one guy who was the manager...goofy...I just didn't care for it. I would give it a strong C----. The only cute thing...the Chipettes singing All the Single Ladies. And that's pushing it!

I'm anxious to go see the new Sherlock Holmes...that looks amazing! And we've finally started watching Dexter! LOVE IT! We're still on Season 1! Also looking forward to the new Surivivor Heros vs Villians! I'm torn on who to root for although I'd probably give it up for Russell!!! I even found him on Facebook and now am an official fan of his. Too cool! Did you know he had just two weeks from the last Survivor to the start of the H vs V Surivor? Poor guy but the good news all the previous Survivor castmates that they're bringing to the sow had no time to watch the season with Russell so they knew zero about him and his amazing skills! I hope he wins this one! Should be pretty interesting with Rupert on there too! Love him!

Well I promise to blog more...I've wrapped up some CHA work and am getting things together for the next Show Me and two crafts for the never ends I tell you!

Tune in tomorrow for information on how to make this cute little guy!!

See you then,


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  1. Everyone needs a little break every once in a while! I just saw your project on the Bo Bunny blog. Can I say INCREDIBLE! You are so incredibly talented, I just LOVE your projects!


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