Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Silly Sucker Templates

Silly Suckers!!!

I've had quite a few requests for the sucker templates as shown on Show Me St. Louis on Friday! For those in the St. Louis area these will be in I believe this weekend's Life Style section of the post along with another great Valentine craft.

Here's are the templates I can jazz them up even more by adding teeth, making longer and sillier mustaches. But honestly all the kids that we've ever given these too....thought they were pretty fun just as is.

Parker is wanting to take these and he's in 3rd grade. He had to model on for me! Oh..btw...we both feel that the Air Head suckers taste the best and are a perfect size too!

You can click on the photo to enlarge in another window and then print. Then cut out for your templates.


Craft Foam (Brown, Black, Red and Pink)

Lip and Mustache Templates

Small Hole Punch or Piercer


1) Trace the lip and mustache template on the backside of the foam. Tracing on the backside will eliminate any tracing lines after you cut the item out.

2) Punch a small hole in the center of the lips and toward the bottom of the mustaches.

3) Add sucker! Hand off to kids and adults and get a good laugh while they’re enjoying the treat!

Super easy and fun for everyone!!! Oh and btw...the Airhead suckers I brought on Show Me were very very yummy! I highly recommend them!


  1. What a fun idea!! Even though Tyler is in 6th grade, I think I'll send these with him to school for Valentine's Day. The kids will LOVE them!!


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