Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here's the Scoop....

I'm trying to find a better balance between work, family, crafting and life... trying....

and not always suceeding with this endeavor!

Some days I achieve a long list of things to do while others I feel like I struggle to accomplish one main task.

I think spring break for the kids, which begins this Friday, is coming at a perfect time.

I relish the break from homework, lunches, laundry, after school activities...and look forward to us all just being.

Right now I'm working on spring crafts....well trying to work on spring crafts is a better way to put it.

I'm very very excited to get to use Making Memories Flutter line! I'm thinking butterflies, eggs, handmade paper flowers, green grass...just need to see it all come into creation. That's the tough part! I also have some super sweet products from Crafty Secrets

Easter line to play with and some cute stamps from well....My Cute Stamps! And guess what...they're CUTE!!lol No suprise right! I'll be sure to share when I can!

This makes me happy on these days that I want spring spring spring to be here...

OPI's A Grape Fit and I also got the Lucky Lucky Lavendar from their new Hong Kong collection. OPI and I love each other...especially purple colors and glittery ones! I saw some in the Alice in Wonderland collection that looked cool. What's your favorite color to wear on your toes or fingers??

To help these yucky days move along when we're at a loss for what to watch and do....we've been watching the Dexter Showtime series. I already loved Michael Hall from his days in Six Feet Under so he already had a fan in me...but know...I'm sealed for life. Funny to like a serial killer..however he's a bit different don't you think??

And even though I really have zero spare time I'm reading...I think reading relaxes reading it is. I'm reading a new James Patterson series starting with Step on a Crack and I have the Lovely Bones waiting as well.

I'm off to craft while I feel a bit well.....crafty....


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