Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Spring!!!

Thankfully spring has arrived here in St.Louis!

And if I can say...almost really a bit too hot quite honestly! I'm already dealing with the hot food syndrome that hits me in the summer. Not my favorite thing...but I am thankful for the nice weather, sunny skies and no more socks!lol

Socks are my pet peeve!

Something about laundry and the millions of socks we as a family of five deal with from October through around now makes me crazy. Socks socks socks! AHHH What about laundry bugs you?

Before I give the information on today'scraft, I wanted to say a BIG hello and welcome to all the new readers I have had visiting my blog. My spring topiary has been a smashing hit along with my butterfly wreath and I can't thank you all enough for linking up to my blog and the comments and praise. I really appreciate it!

I've been busy at work on a new spring themed craft. This one even I can keep alive! lol


Jazmyne Botanical, Jazmyne Dew Drops, Jazmyne Mist, Jazmyne Flower Box, Jazmyne Symmetry, Jazmyne Peridot, Jazmyne Chipboard, Jazmyne iCandy Jewels, Jazmyne iCandy Stickers, Passion Fruit, Boysenberry, Kiwi & Avocado Double Dot Cardstock, Tutu Double Dot Ribbon { and are two fantastic stores that carry lots of Bo Bunny!}

Other Supplies: bucket (purchased at Hobby Lobby), craft foam, wood dowels, Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro Adhesive, Making Memories Slice Die Cut Machine (Spring & Noteworthy Cartridges), glue gun, Marvy punches, Fiskars border punches, scardboard, paper mache house pick, basket filler, Colorbox Chalk Inks

1) Select and flower designs you like. I worked with flowers that were on the Slice Noteworthy cartridge. I cut the flowers out at a 4 inch size. Next I cut or cut smaller circles and pieces to layer on the top of the flower.

2) For an easy way to pop pieces up and add dimension to paper...I had a piece of cardboard from a box. I cut up the cardboard in sizes to fit under the pieces to give lift and dimension. Inking the pieces before glueing them down. Crimp and curl a bit of the flowers to give them a bit of depth and dimesion as well!

3) To give stability to the flowers I cut a larger piece of cardboard that I glued onto the back of the each flower.

4) Once your flowers are made select the colors of green for the flower stems and leaves. I chose the Slice Spring cartridge to use for the flower leaves. I cut the leaves out between a 2 and 3 inch size. Ink the edges and crimp the leaves just a bit.

5) Next the stems. I knew I wanted to roll the cardstock to create the stems but didn't know how they could support the flower and also allow me to stick them into the foam. So I rolled the papers and then added a wood dowel into the centers. I hot glued the dowel to the papers as I rolled them solving that issues. Next I hot glued the stems onto the backside of the flowers.

6) For the cute house....I just covered the front with papers, added a sweet heart sticker from the Jazmyne collection. Then cut out the same heart from another sticker. Added a bit of cardstock between the sticker on the house and the one I cut out. Then adhered it over the other. This gives it dimension and looks great too! I added a layered sticker and the butterfly with a sparkly jewel.

7) This bucket is unique in that the patina is perfect for these papers and the shape of the bucket is unique too! I stuffed the bucket with a block of craft foam. Then added in the flowers making some taller in the back, shorter in the front. Then added the house. And topped it all off with basket filler. {my best friend I swear! }

8) Last step...the bucket. I selected two papers and two of my favorite border punches. Then glued those papers together slightly overlapping them. Next I turned to my sewing machine. I took a long length of the Bo Bunny Tutu ribbon and starting slowing stitching looping the ribbon as I sewed to create the ribbon pleat. I wasn't sure how it would turn out..but it was just as I wanted.

9) Next I hot glued this piece onto the bucket. Add one more diecut flower with the chipboard flower and gem and one more leaf to complete this project.

If I can's really cute in person and well for me...I won't have to worry about watering it! A perfect spring addition to my house that honestly will be used almost year round!

That's it for today...I'm moving onto to wall decor and Mother's Day gift be sure to check back in!

Happy Friday,



  1. What a darling project! I am one of your new readers-live in Missouri, too!!

  2. Oh my, I'm in LOVE! Fabulous project. Its just perfect! And my kinda flower too! lol...

  3. This is so beautiful and I love the little birdhouse :) This would make such a nice gift too :) Thanks for sharing ;)

  4. Those are beautiful!!

    I am adding you to my Reader!!

  5. Love th flower box, just got my hands on some of this paper so pretty,,, Beautiful idea...TFS

  6. OH GOSH!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love this! I may give it a go, since I've bought a few small buckets on sale the other day.

  7. Love this!!!! I want to "craft-lift" this but I don't think I could do it as well! Keep the inspiration coming!! Looooovvvveeee it!!!!

  8. SO cute! Love the colors. I'd love if you linked up to my Scrappy Saturdays:

  9. You did a fantastic job with this cute spring basket. I am also thankful spring is here in Texas as well.

  10. What a great decoration and I love the combination of colors you picked.

  11. Julia,
    Gorgeous! Love the colors! Thanks for joining the Craftaholics Anonymous Support Group! I had fun stopping by and checking out your craftiness!

  12. Very nice and interesting idea!

  13. It is a great pleasure to tell you that I love your work. You are into a wonderful work. Keep up the work.And yes i have book mark your site .


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