Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Flowers....

for my walls!

That's right!

I couldn't just stop at the Flower bucket.{see Friday's post} Not when I found this great art piece at Hobby Lobby. Although the middle photo of a cabbage was not so me.

But I envisioned a similiar flower piece that was dimensional for it.

I am fairly pleased with it...still might tweek it just a bit's the info on it!


Bo Bunny Jazmyne Botanical, Jazmyne Dew Drops, Jazmyne Mist, Jazmyne Symmetry, Jazmyne Twilight, Jazmyne Peridot Die Cut, Jazmyne Chipboard, Jazmyne Combo Sticker, Jazmyne iCandy Jewels, Jazmyne Flowers, Boysenberry, Passion Fruit, Avocado, Kiwi & Violet Dot Double Dot Cardstock,

and....the Slice Die Cut Machine, Slice Spring & Noteworthy cartridges, Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro Adhesive, Colorbox Chalk Inks, Foam Dot AhesiveHot Glue Gun, , Fiskars Scallop Border Punch, photo from Hobby Lobby

1) Start by diecutting the flowers and then layer and make them as you chose. Use foam dots to add dimension and depth between the flower layers.

2) Cut long strips of cardstock...I cut these about 1 inch by 12 inches. Fold in both sides to create the stems. It's find if they have a a bit of bend or creases. This gives the stems a bit more character.

3) Next cut a piece of cardstock to fit over the art on the frame. Then start to assemble your flowers onto the cardstock. Add your stems, then use the foam adhesive for the flowers to give height and dimension.

4) Punch two strips of the "grass". Add one then layer the second over the stems.

5) Finish off with the alphabet stickers!

This piece and the bucket are headed to my bedroom! Even my hubby gave a thumbs up! If you have any questions just drop me a note! I'm always happy to help!

Last for today before I head out to swim....I wanted to thank Dannon,Pssst and General Mills for the coupon to try their new Greek yogurt.

I'm a coupon gal...oh yeah and I am a yogurt lover so that was a win win for me. And I've been intrigued about this new greek yogurt. Maybe it's that I've always wanted to go to Greece...still do. Maybe it because I got a kick out of the movie Life in Ruins too. But I don't know anything about Greek yogurt.

I gave it a try and I do like it! It has a different consistency....and flavor. Now the one I tried wa sthe Greek Strawberry Fruit on the Bottom and I did mix in some of my Bear Naked make it a breakfast for me. I would say it's a bit weird to describe yogurt as dry...but that's the best way I can put it. It had a good, light taste..and well I'm full. So if I can eat it and not feel now like I need more...that's good.So I'd give it a thumbs up for it....and would pick them up again!

Oh and since I like to chat about movies...ughh...Sandra's Bullock's All About Steve stunk so much we actually turned it off...that's not something we do often. And I love the Time Traveler's Wife book but so far I'm not loving the movie. I'm going to give it one more shot...then that is it.

That's it for me today....happy Monday...happy crafting....



  1. Hi Julia! CUTE art piece!!! I really need to get hoppin and make some decor for my house too! The greek yogurt fills you up more because it has twice the protien in can actually make your own by taking plain yogurt and straining it thru a coffee filter or cheesecloth for a few hours. It drains the liquid out and you get tht thick "dry" consistancy and half the price :)

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Teena, I tried to make the Greek yogurt at home but it is not that much tasty as that of YOPLAIT.

    - Annabella

  3. Those are very adorable art piece! I like the flowers! So colorful!

  4. Beautiful cards! These florals are gorgeous and nice job illustrating them! Keep on posting.

  5. wish we had that store! and I am gonna have to get some free coupons to try the yogurt too! Better for WW points :)

  6. Great collection!!! i like you spring flowers for wall...

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