Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Yard is Calling My Name...

It's true....

I try to sit here and blog and work on crafts....but my yard is actually screaming my name out.

You see we have one of those houses that the prior owners planted a million shrubs and trees and now 23 years later...they're going berserk.

Now we've trimmed, pruned, trimmed some more...but this spring it seems they're revolting against us.

Maybe they know that last fall we ripped out 13+ shrubs in the front of our house and we would like to do the same to those in the back. We just can't figure out how to get my big car back there to pull them out.

So we've been slowly cutting them down...filling up endless bags and trash cans to the point I can't even move them the weigh so much.

We've made amazing progress I have to say. The front has all new plantings, black mulch and edging. The side where the darn ivy was....all new sod that looks like it's a go. The veggie garden is in....and now thanks to my hard work on Mother's Day...three of the 7 foot shrubs in the back...are cut down. there's where my craft mojo my yard! I'll share a pic soon...the neighbors have all commented on our house...which is nice to hear.

I have been crafting and I'm busy working on a Father's Day gift idea. Mixed in there...some Bo Bunny projects, Cosmo Cricket projects for Glue Arts. I'll share soon...I promise.
Here's a card I made recently that I wanted to share...


Sassafrass Lass papers
Fancy Pants Knit Flower
Prima Green Flower
Making Memories Brad and Orange Flowers
Pebbles Rubons
KaiserCraft Pearl
Paper Salon Stamp

also on my mind...

We finally got to rent The Blind Side and I have to say it was completely worth the $1.09 at Redbox!!

So worth it....can I just say I know now why Sandra won the Oscar for her role in this movie!

My hat goes off to Sandra, Quinton Aaron {who played Michael} and the What an awesome, enjoyable movie. Really good! Makes you want to go out and do something good!

{Does giving a very nice gal $10 in coupons at Target this weekend count? She was so thankful and I walked away feeling really good....little things count too don't you think???}

I give the movie two thumbs up and honestly an A+! This might be my first A+! I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and so did Scott!

See you soon with lots of layouts and Father's Day projects!!


  1. I like those cards. I haven't gotten into card making yet. My sister in law loves it though. I may try my hand in it one day.

    I love the knit flower. I need to get some of those!


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