Friday, June 04, 2010

It's Hot Around Here!

Good way to start a post don't you think?

Last weekend I think I sweated and took more showers than I have ever before!

It was one hot, sweaty, humid weekend here in St.Louis!

But then that is nothing new for those in this just sometimes really hits you how hot and gross it

We have officially entered the season for popsicles! I don't know about your house...but in mine it's as basic as keeping bread, milk and orange juice on hand. Popsicles make us very happy in my house.

And that includes me as well!lol Although this is what I would pick any day over a popsicle...



I'm still incredibly sad that our St.Louis Bahama Breeze closed!

I got a small fix last summer in Orlando and our waiter thought the St.Louis location was set to reopen. So if any of my blog readers knows any of the inner happenings please do share! I miss them...the drink alone would be enough to make me go there! ;-)

Besides sweating alot I've been busy at work on some Father's Day projects.

Here's a peek at one I will share with you very soon.

I made this for my local newspaper, The Post Dispatch and think it will be a hit! They'll be keepsake boxes popping up everywhere after next weekend!lol

But I promised to share with you an idea...this one is not only cute but serves a purpose! After all...most guys I know tend to have a drink of some sort in their hands!lol

Here's more examples...

Glass Photo Coasters

Supply List:

Glass Coaster Set from Michael's Craft Store
Scrapbook Papers & Stickers from Bo Bunny
Wallet size photos
Plaid Mod Podge
Foam Brush
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Tape Runner

Cut papers to fit on top of glass coaster. Print photos in a wallet size or use up your left over wallet photos from school pictures. Adhere paper and photo layers together with Tape Runner. Brush a light coat of Mod Podge onto glass and on back of paper. Press onto glass smoothing it out. Allow time to dry. Apply 2-3 light layers of Mod Podge onto top of paper and photo to seal onto glass.

Be sure to check in this weekend and next week for my craft gift projects for Dad!

Now onto the good stuff!! You thought I was going to say the giveaway didn't you? Nope..not yet...I have to put out my two cents about the Sex & The City Movie 2...

What can I say...maybe I had a few too many cosmos...maybe I was trying to channel my inner Carrie/Samantha too much in my outfit choice...but the movie for me was a disappointment.

And maybe the fact that it was late...after a long day and I found myself yawning incessantly didn't help.

But the movie just wasn't all that. And I hate for having to say that because I loved the series and I loved the first movie..I own it. But this one..the weird wedding, going to Abu Dabi...or whatever...just didn't work. It didn't even seem to have a good story line..too choppy. And for once..the whole thing of Samantha sitting at her desk with her underwear down around her ankles..didn't work for me.

Sorry...I think this is one sequel...that should not of been made. I liked my Sex &TC best the first time. {No pun intended!lol } So I'm giving the movie a C-/D+...

Now...let's move onto a positive topic...the winner of my Flower Child giveaway..and that winner is

To Blog or not to blog said...
All i can say is WOW what beautiful LO's we have kids the same age except i have an 18 yr old also who graduates from HS this year! Its crazy how quickly time flies huh? thanks for the giveaway! and the great inspiration!

Congrats congrats!! Please email me at with your contact info!

And a big thank you to everyone who left Connor a birthday comment..he was completely floored!

See you soon...


  1. Oh that Roughin it Project looks neat! Those coaster are a great idea! That that looks delicious! I wonder if I could find a similar recipe for it on-line? Yummers....

  2. OMG thanks! I am so excited! BTW those ice pops look soooo yummy

  3. 您的blog蠻不錯的耶,祝你快樂哦!期待您的更新!........................................

  4. SUCH cute projects! And Bo Bunny rocks. .


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