Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It's Official....She's a Teenager!


It's happened!

Another one of my cuties has officially become a teenager! This time it's my sweet Haley's turn to become and offical 13 yold teenager.

I'm not happy...not one bit and why not be honest and admit it. I am so sad at the thought of not having my "little girl" around. But now a girl who shaves her legs, wears a bra, has braces and texts and uses her cell phone more than I! {it's true!....over 5,000 texts last month}

So if you would care to join me....we're going to take a little trip down memory lane in celebration of Haley's 13th Birthday! {this picture is from a year ago..but a favorite of mine!}

What can I say...she's beautiful, sweet, helpful and very kind....qualities I hope that she'll always have. {Although a little blonde at times...but that goes with the hair!lol}

Happy Happy 13th Birthday Haley!!


tune in tomorrow...I'll post instructions on how I made this project for Father's Day!!

See you then!


  1. Ack! Nooo way, 13??? Happy Birthday Haley and best wishes on turning 13! Tyler reminded me a few weeks ago that he'll be 13 next year. I told him no...that it's not possible. WHAAA!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to her. Fabulous scrapbook pages. Good job at having those done for her. I'd love if you linked up to my Scrappy Saturdays.


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