Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summertime Glass Jar Keepsake


For most St. Louisans that means trips to the pool, barbecues, ice cream and countless trips to the store for popsicles. It also means vacations, staycations and endless memories made to capture and save.

Vacations and staycations offer opportunities to collect and bring back special mementos and keepsakes as reminders of summer adventures.

Tickets, trinkets, sea shells and even sand can be incorporated into a summer craft project that will look great in your home and also serve as a beautiful keepsake and reminder of time well spent.


• Making Memories Panorama suitcase label stickers, pendant design shop stickers, tickets
• Making Memories Panorama metal plaques, trims and rub-on book
• Making Memories Panorama artisan trading cards
• Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro — Perma Tac adhesive
• Glue Arts 3D combo pack
• Sand and shells
• Glass jar (purchased at Target)


Step 1 • Select a photo that captures your trip or time together. The photo shown is a 5-by-7-inch print. The size you use is dictated by the jar you select.

Step 2 • Next, fill the jar with sand and shells. Tuck the photo into the back of the jar using the sand to hold the photo against the glass.

Step 3 • Select a trading card and a few stickers and die cuts. Use your Glue Glider to adhere these items together. Then use the Glue Arts 3D foam adhesive to pop an item away from another for added dimension inside the jar. Then tuck the embellishments into the sand.

Step 4 • Select the rub-ons that best fit your theme and style. Using a burnisher or popsicle stick, rub the rub-on images onto the outside of the glass jar. If you make a mistake, use tape to remove the rub-on.

Step 5 • Add the "Getaway" dimensional stickers to the front of the jar.

Step 6 • Cut a length of the twine ribbon. Thread the metal signage through and add a piece of foam adhesive to the backside. Tie around jar lid and adhere signage to jar.

You don't have to visit the beach for to make keepsake jar.

Perhaps you've traveled abroad or gone on a cruise? Fill the jar with items you've collected from your travels. Postcards, ticket stubs, menus and more.



  1. OH WOW!!!! I just love this!!!! think of how fun this would be to do for the holidays too!!!! Very cool and so original...will defiantely give this a whirl, especially since our Big Lots has TONS of cool making memories stuff for a buck each!!!

  2. Excellent Idea and perfect timing as we just got home from a weekend getaway with my family, my parents and a niece and two nephews!

  3. I'm def going to give this a try. I'll let you know how they come out! thanks for the inspiration!


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