Friday, October 22, 2010

It's a Bit Spooky In Here...

It's true...our house and especially our dining room looks just a bit spooky!

But we like it that way.

Although there is this scary photo of this Medusa women that changes back and forth and Parker really DOES NOT like that photo!

 This year I really utilized my Cricut Expression and Glue Arts amazing Car Accents! I have been waiting for a product like those that will cling to all surfaces and come right back off with no damage to the walls or surface. LOVE IT!!

I wanted to take advantage of having a new wall color in my dining room. The red we had was nice...but at Easter...blech. GROSS and honestly in the fall looked awful really. So we painted it a soft, taupe grey and I LOVE it! Love it. And last year we bought our first dining room set which really helps bring the whole room together.

I went with a fun, but slightly spooky look using lots of vinyl spiders {yes...they go across the ceiling and down the walls!!}, crows and yes...the cat sitting on the chair rail too!
 Love that I don't have to dust the furniture or lights right now!! eekkkkk
 care for some wine? Or perhaps I should say "badblood"!!!!!!!!! If I was watching True Blood..I'll take O positive!!lol
 Yes...the stairs are done too! We cobwebbed them up and have purple lights going up the long side...looks cool at night in our house.

Another project is I changed out the canvas wall art in my front. See this post for how I made these initially and saved quite a bit of money!!

Here's what they looked like before I changed them...(please excuse the toys!lol)

and here they are now!!

For these I worked with the Martha Stewart Vampire Halloween paper collection and a few of Pink Paislee's from last year. I then cut images from the October 31st Cricut Cartridge and then by using the Glue Arts Wall Art cartridge in my Glue Glider Pro...I simply added those papers on top of the existing ones. When Halloween is over, I simply remove them. No stick and no tackyness left behind. It's and amazing product! The crow up top is cut with the Car Accents vinyl and if you look closely you'll see I added a gem for his glittering eye!  I have to say...everyone thought this was a really cool and easy way to transform our room. The rest of the room has the sidetable and spooky eyes mirror shown in a prior blog post.{just page down a post or three} So it's a fun room!  

No's a really fun, spooky house...inside and out! Tune in next week as I'll share the rest of the house and outside too!!!

9 Days until Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. spooky but really nice...I love it.

  2. I love all of it! did you see the spooky trash bag window coverings that are popular, they look like black tattered curtains, totally creepy!

  3. very cool!

    come visit:

    I have a surprise for you:)


  4. Oh la la! You are so cool, Julia!
    I love, love what you did!



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