Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Spooky Halloween Home Decor

Well there is so much going on around here with all the decorations that I decided to start showing you a bit more.

My brain is spinning with ideas for next Friday's Show Me St.Louis show and somehow I have to narrow down my focus to just a handful of crafts and projects to bring on the show.

It's always amazing how weeks of work are all wrapped up in 3-4 minutes of airtime!lol

Today here's some ideas for how I decorated a hall table that you can use for areas all over your house!

Halloween Decor

Okay here's the scoop on what you see for today's post. I tend to go a bit overboard for Halloween. {yes I'm admitting that} But we and I love it. It is though alot of work to take down all the normal nick nacks and decorations. So I'm trying to work more of them into the holiday so I don't have so many things to pack up and carry downstairs.

First...the skeleton glass piece is on the prior blog post. So if you just page down to the next post I detail out that fun one.

For those wrapped candles on the left...those are the scented, battery operated flicker style candles that I've picked fun papers, inked the edges and then adhered onto the candles with my Glue Glider Pro! Then I added some gross mice with the Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive and some blood drips that are from the Martha Stewart collection. I will for the show "drip" some melted red crayons onto them too. That is an easy and fun way to add some "blood" to your decor.

Next the Beware and Bugs on the wall...are all cut out using the Glue Arts Car Accents vinyl, my Cricut Expression and the October 31st cool cart. Love that! Love that! Stick on wall...instant decor.

The glass hurricane is part of my normal decor...I just added the Martha Stewart blood drippings border sticker and adhered it to the glass with Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive squares. Once the holiday is done I can peel it back off and still use it as a sticker since it's adhered on with the sticker backing still there. That is what I love about Glue Arts products! Then I filled the hurricane with black pebbles, dollar store skulls and you've got another fun decoration.

Last for today I picked out some Halloween photos of Scott and I last year as Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett and Parker...not necessarily too scary of him. I altered the colors and saturation in PSE and printed those out. The frame with Scott and I was a rather ugly white and gold frame. I spray painted it black, added some Tattered Angels Mists to give it a bit of glisten and added in the fun photo of us. Same for Parker's! This is a fun way to use your family pictures in your spooktacular decor!!

And a new accent that is being added all over the house, although a bit messy to work with, is the spanish moss. It's very very inexpensive and goes a long way plus it brings a cool look to all the items around the house!  

Have fun decorating...check back in for lots more!!!

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  1. I love Halloween, it's my fave! Love the photos too! You home looks like an awesome place for the spooky holiday. I live in the sticks so I don't get little spooks at my door. But I still carve pumpkins and decorate!


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