Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Skate Box

Snow snow and more snow!

My kids are happy, it looks pretty outside...but given we were just all together for Christmas break...I confess...snow days are not always my favorite right now.

Especially when I have endless to do lists for getting ready to attend CHA.

In fact I have so many to do lists going...I think I need a to do list for my to do lists.

It's nuts...nuts! I'm praying in these next two weeks I can get everything done I need to. Or I'll be kitting make n takes on the plane ride!lol (not...can't bring scissors!lol)

Here is my latest craft project for Glue Arts. I completely fell in love with Linda Albrecht's skate box and had to recreate it! Had to!! Hers is still absolutely, beautiful and the winner in my book..but I'll confess...everytime I walk by this in our house...I smile. We've changed our holiday decor from Christmas to snowmen...well really the snowmen just stayed out. This year though we left out our dining room tree. It's all decorated in snowflakes and winter animals so after Scott asked if I would leave it out a bit longer...I agreed. It's a first for us. So with all the snowflakes and snowmen...this project just fits in perfectly!!

Winter Skate Box
Designer: Julia Sandvoss

Designer Note: Glue Girl Linda Albrecht is the complete and total inspiration for this project. She made one using anther product line. When I saw the Wintertime collection I knew it was the perfect fit! Thanks Linda for your never ending inspiration!!  

- Echo Park "Wintertime" paper collection
- Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro ExtremeTac, Extreme Adhesive Squares and Micro Adhesive Squares, Glue Arts Hot Glue Gun
- Plaid mod podge
- Apple Barrel Pewter Gray paint
- FolkArt Winter White paint
- FolkArt Metallic Silver Sterling and Pearl White paints
- May Arts Ribbon (
- Bo Bunny Double Dot cardstock
- Colorbox Chalk Inks: warm red, aqua and glacier blue
- Papier-mache box (Hobby Lobby)
- EK Success Border Punch: Diamond Lace Edger Punch
- Martha Stewart coarse glitter
- White felt
- Jingle bells
- Christmas picks and berries
- Snowflake ornaments and twine
- Wood skates (look for these in your craft stores or online)
Step 1 - Cut two pieces of paper to fit, and cover the sides of the box without the lid. Ink the edges and adhere using the Glue Glider Pro ExtremeTac for good adhesion. Next punch a decorative strip using the Diamond Lace punch. Ink the edge of the punch strip and glitter. Set aside to allow the paper and glitter to dry.
Step 2 - Next cut a piece of white felt to cover the top of the lid. Adhere using Glue Arts hot glue gun. Select a striped paper and cut to fit edge of lid. Adhere to sides. Wrap ribbon around lid using a sheer ribbon so the patterned paper shows underneath. Adhere in a few spots with Micro Adhesive Squares. Tie in the front including an ornament of your choice (Joy is shown). Affix securely with hot glue gun.
Step 3 - Once the glittered border strip is dry, adhere to box tucking just slightly under the box lid.
Step 4 - Paint the skates before you begin to allow time to dry. Paint the bottom blade Pewter Gray, and then once that paint is dry, go over with Plaid Silver Sterling Metallic paint. Paint the tops and front of the skate in Winter White. Then go over with Plaid Pearl White Metallic paint.
Step 5 - Apply a light layer of plaid mod podge to the top and front of skates. Apply a liberal coating of glitter. Shake off extra glitter.
Step 6 - Next decorate the skates with papers of your choice. Ink the edges of the paper and adhere with Glue Glider Pro ExtremeTac. Poke holes through paper, and thread twine through to create laces. Add jingle bells before tying the bows.
Step 7 - Hot glue the skates to the lid. Finish off with a hand cut or purchased snowflake ornaments or embellishments. Tuck in some Christmas picks and berries. Sprinkle a little glitter over the top for a light glittery dusting.

Happy Winter to you!!!


  1. Very pretty! I love the skate!

  2. You did a wonderful take on hers. Very pretty.......


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