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Teacher Appreciation Gift Set

For those of you in St.Louis, my craft project can be seen in today's St.Louis Post Dispatch in the Home & Away section page H6.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Set

The Craft Mom: Julia Sandvoss

Over the years I’ve made quite a few teacher gifts. During that time I have gained a reputation at my kids school for my crafty gifts. Many a teacher has remarked to me how much they “liked” a gift I had given to a fellow teacher. (I wonder if that was a hint?!lol) 

During the school year I’ve visited my son’s school on many occasions. And each time I walk through the halls, I notice the teachers classroom doors and the area around them. Some of the teachers decorate outside their doors with benches and knick knacks…while others not quite so fun. 

I started thinking of a way I could make a craft to decorate the classroom door and give a personal welcome to all those who enter. A wreath seemed like the perfect solution!(and can be changed out for holidays, or if they’re a baseball fan, love the beach…you get the idea!) Once I made the wreath it provided the inspiration and theme for the other gifts! Make one…make all…you and your child will soon the the talk of the school!

Wreath, Tote, Clipboard & Candy Jar


Glue Art Glue Glider Pro Extreme Adhesive and PermaTac
Glue Arts Accent It All Vinyl
Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive Squares & Micro Squares
Glue Arts 3D Combo Pack
Cricut Expresssion
Cricut Forever Young Cartridge
Makin The Grad Cartridge
My Little Shoebox Sew Cut Paper Collection
Jenni Bowlin Paper
Bazzill Cardstock
Styrofoam Wreath
Mini Clip Board & Glass Jar
Colorbox Chalk Inks
May Arts Ribbon
Felt, Fabric, Buttons
Circle Punches


1) First wrap the wreath with ribbon covering the entire wreath. Use a straight pin or adhesive square to adhere ribbon on backside of wreath.

2) Next select your papers and cut out your flower shapes. I used sizes ranging from 3 ¾ inches to 4 ¾ inches. Varying as I went to give me some different sizes to work with. Once I had cut my flower out I inked the edges with Colorbox Chalk Inks. The color doesn’t need to match the paper exactly but just offer enough color to give some shading to the papers.
3) After inking it’s time to build the flowers. I used 23 flowers and 21 small punched circles. I simply layered the flowers, changing them around until I liked the color combinations. Once I had settled on how I liked them, I started adhering them together using GlueArts Glue Glider Pro PermaTac Adhesive to assure good adhesion. On some pieces I cut a square from the U Cut It foam sheet to pop up a flower layer for added dimension. To adhere the buttons I used the 3d Raisen’s for a strong hold and height.
3) Once the flowers were glued together I then adhered them to the wreath again using my Glue Glider Pro with PermaTac. I selected a few flowers, I cut some additional squares from the U Cut It Foam and added that underneath to raise them up off the wreath.  
4) After you’ve added the flowers you can personalize the wreath or just leave it as is. I handcut a banner and inked the edges. Then I used the Makin the Grade cartridge and cut our teachers name in a 2 1.4 inch size. I lightly inked the letters and glued those to the banner. The banner will tuck easily into the flowers. So it could even be changed out to say Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Welcome etc. Last I added a ribbon and finished it off with a bow. It’s ready for gift giving and will look fantastic on my son’s teacher’s door!

Candy Jar

1) I knew I would work with the same flowers for the jar as I did for the wreath, just on a smaller scale. I selected sizes ranging from 2 to 3 just depending on the flower. Once all the flowers were cut out, I worked the same as with the paper flowers. I built and layered the flowers to try out different combinations until I got it just right. (or how I liked it!)
2) Once I knew I liked the flower I removed the backing paper and adhered the vinyl layers together. After the flowers were complete I added them around the center of the glass jar layering them together as I worked around. The flowers encircle the jar so it’s pretty from any angle. 

Mini Clip Board

1) First I cut my papers to fit the clipboard. Inked the edges and then adhered the background papers to the clipboard using my Glue Glider Pro PermaTac cartridge. Next I added some of my leftover vinyl flowers. I used my Extreme Adhesive Squares to add the buttons to the flower center.
2) I then popped on Microsoft Word and just typed up a simple “to do” list. Printed out a few and trimmed to fit onto the clipboard. I then added one large vinyl flower that is not sticky as it’s backed with cardstock. Used a clip to attach it to the clipboard and you’ve got a fun to do list that can be changed out to fit any need!

Tote Bag

1) Once again I wanted everything to match so I grabbed an assortment of wool and acrylic felt along with some fabric I had on hand. I am a paper piecer by heart so I took my leftover paper flowers and used those as a template for my cuts. I simply hand traced a few of the flowers onto the backside of my felt and fabric and cute those out. Then I again played with layering the flowers until I got them just how I liked.
2) Next I added a quick hand stitch through the centers of each flower. Now it’s time to iron. I used my Glue Glider Pro with Fabric Bond to add a strip of Fabric Bond adhesive to the back of the flowers and ribbons. I pressed each one onto the bag with a warm iron ensuring a good bond has been made.   
3) I tied a ribbon onto the bag handle. On the bottom of one ribbon end I added another flower. For this flower I cut two of the same bottom layer. Add a flower onto the backside of the ribbon.  I neatly stitched again though the center and through the ribbon to ensure it will not fall off the ribbon.

Keep in mind…the wreath, candy jar and clipboard are all kid friendly crafts! Let them help you cut and make the flowers! 

For more information about Cricut visit

For more information about GlueArts or for ideas and ways to use GlueArts adhesives!

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