Saturday, July 09, 2011

Accent It All Party Tray

and glass set!

Here's my latest project and it's perfect for summer, birthday's gift (especially those milestone birthday's) newlyweds...and more!

It was very easy to make...toughest part is making sure that they vinyl is smoothed out on the tray...but the glasses were a breeze and can even do in the dishwasher! Love that!!

You can purchase Accent It All on the GlueArts website ... It comes in 11 handy colors and I warn's very addicting!!

Accent It All Party Tray & Glasses
GlueArts Designer: Julia Sandvoss

How fun is this for summer and looks great in your home year round! Grab a tray, some fun glasses and you also have a great house warming gift or for a birthday too!


White Tray 
May Arts Ribbon
Cricut Expression
Cricut Paper Lace Cartridge
Cricut Forever Young Cartridge


1) Use Cricut Paper Lace cartridge to cut out full size design onto Blackout vinyl. Remove negative cut out from design and set aside. Carefully position the vinyl design onto the tray. Smoothing out the design as you lay it down.
2) Cut out the flower using the Forever Young cartridge. Layer using several colors of Accent It All to make a fun, bright flower.

3) Now use your negative pieces to decorate your glasses. Grab a small circle punch and punch a few colored circles to add to the centers for a pop of color.
4) Another option is to make a monogrammed glass set...maybe for newlyweds or a fun birthday gift! What about a milestone birthday! 

This was one quick and easy project and looks like a designer boutique set!!

My blog has taken a hit...and I'm sorry to those who had been avid followers. I'll confess...working two jobs, having three kids and a hubby who works alot has taken it's tole on my personal blog. I always enjoyed posting, writing and sharing and now that I am the lucky owner of an Ipad...hopefully that will help me be a bit more chatty.

When I'm not working lately I'm either at the pool with the kids or reading...or both actually since I read while at the book as I love to read! Love! I recently came across several books by author Susan Holloway Scott and I have to say I am absolutely enjoying them!! 
I'm currently reading this book and have to say I'm enjoying it just as much as the prior two I picked up. They were all similar style books about women from the post-Restoration England. I've read other fun ones too...but this is what I currently have in my hands!

The kids and I popped out to see Cars 2. It was cute...although I just don't feel it was as good as the first one. Parker of course loved I'm anxiously awaiting the final Harry Potter movie.

Going to be sad knowing they're over....but we're headed to Universal Studios in Orlando in August...and you can bet where I am going!!  


  1. Hi Julia, love your accent it all kit. question: you said it can go in the dishwasher-- i am very interested in this, where can I read on these sheets? I went to the site, but it doesn't say anything about them being dishwasher safe, etc? Can you point me in the right direction. Thanks.

  2. that tray looks so fun! i gotta get me one of those. :)



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