Friday, October 21, 2011

Snake Frame Halloween Craft

***PAGE down FOR Halloween NECKLACES to yesterday's post!!***

Time for another craft as seen on this week's Show Me St.Louis!

This kind of gross and definitely creepy!

But the thing I love most's super super simple!!


Frame (looked for frames on clearance that have scratches and dings..they're perfect for this!)
Clearsnap Smooches Spray Mists
Rubber snakes
Black spray paint
GlueArts Hot Glue Gun


1) Start by spray painting the frame. Kids can help...if spray painting is not an option...give them some paint and a brush and set them off painting. Spray paint snakes too!

2) After dry sand some of the edges to roughen it up.

 3) Use hot glue gun to glue snakes around frame.

4) Clearsnap Smooches Spray Mists are perfect for this! Spray frame and glass and allow to dry for a lovely....err gross frame.

5) Finish off with one of your finest photos!!

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  1. Looking at this again kinda freaks me out...a gorgeous couple..and in no time at all...look how you've changed!


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