Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter To You!

This year we're changing our plans up a bit. We decided to take a break from hosting Easter given how crazy this year has been for us with Scott's heart attack. I will say I know I will miss's my second favorite holiday after Halloween. I mean how can you be nicknamed Bunny and not love Easter!

Each year Haley and I usually make some kind of fun treat from handmade candies, to cupcakes to cookies..this  year...we're going to pass and enjoy some amazing Jilly's cupcakes instead.  The hardest part will be deciding which ones we want as they're amazing!

We're still be getting together with our family though..this time meeting for breakfast. I'm sure it will feel a bit funny at first not to have everyone coming here..however when we return home and still get to enjoy the day and work in the garden..I know we'll be thankful for the break!
Easter 2013

Happy Easter to you and yours!  

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