Thursday, September 18, 2014

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Those who know me are aware I'm a complete and total nut for Halloween! You could say Halloween is my Christmas as we go all out! (well we do for Christmas too..hmm...)

We decorate not only the outside and transform it into a full sized cemetery but the inside main and lower levels into one spooky home. It takes me about 2 weeks(weekends and here and there through the week) to get the inside completely done with a good full day to do the outside.

 Here's a peek to get you inspired to start your Halloween decor...

I like to make little well...big vignettes. I build on a piece of furniture with items of various heights and widths. Last year I added the large owl statue (love it..looks like Hedwig from Harry Potter!) Once I knew that was the centerpiece I worked around it with black candles, spiders, snakes, glass jars filled with creepy skulls and bugs and then tucked some cemetery pictures around it. One thing I do know..I use a ton of spider webs..along with spanish moss for that creepy factor!

We cobweb just about every surface we can and stretch it often across the room, across name it..we cobweb it! I love October for the reason I don't dust!!lol

I'm also a huge fan on vinyl can create incredible dramatic looks with them. From spiders, to bats, mice and last year we added the tree limbs and tucked a few crows on those.  

Here's a peek at the outside..last year it rained and I didn't snap a picture beforehand. We changed the entrance to the front versus on the side since we had a new blow up archway. We've replaced that with a new one for this year that I like just a bit better...can't wait!

Tune back in the next few weeks as I'll take you on a closer tour through the house and all the items I use to decorate!! It's Halloween Season!!!!!!!!

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  1. You know we are soul sisters with this Halloween thing, Julia! I LOVE your decor! You have such an eye for the creepy and spooky! Cannot wait for a closer look!


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