Friday, October 17, 2014

Tips for Halloween Decorating

It's my favorite time of the year and that means my house is right now head to toe Halloween. I love when people stop by who have no idea how I decorate and are in for a huge surprise.

Here's some of the ways I decorate and try to not make things too expensive but yet creepy and fun!

For our family I work with some existing items (like sweet puppies there on the right!lol) and some of our regular decorations. One thing I do is change out all the photos we have out into creepy ones. I've found ones on the internet and this year purchased a large group of vintage photos at a fair. Perfect way to decorate!! Not only are they the right look it's nice to frame those...after all they are someone's loved ones.

We have an abundance of pine cones in our yard so this year I gathered up a bunch and spray painted them black and silver. Then I used my silver bowls, that yes I let tarnish) and pile those in. I add some snakes and roaches to the bowls for a bit of creepy factor. 

This is a jar I kept with a candle and some shells in it. To jazz it up.. I printed out a creepy photo that was made for jars and tucked it definitely looks gross close up!lol

This year we made a new item for our fireplace.. we decided to retire our family saw and hang it in the place of honor on our fireplace. What is really is old saw that I dripped melted red crayon all over!lol And a gross old picture I found at Goodwill for $2. I sprayed the picture with Tattered Angels Glimmer Sprays and then dripped the crayon on it as well. We super glued the saw to the frame and hung with fishing line!! 

The mantel is decorated with battery operated flameless candles, black  creepy fabrics, black flower garlands, flicker strand lights, owls, my talking statues (love them!) urns and some black crows too!

What I love is that the house changes and looks so different from day to night gives you time to see all the details and night all the lighting makes it look great.

Tune in for more tips and tricks as I'll share more rooms of the house!!  

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